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Sherri Haab Jewelry Inspirations + giveaway

Polymer Clay Flower Bracelet

I have Sherri Haab to blame for all of this.  And by “this” I mean the polymer clay supplies that lurk in many corners of my house, the business I’ve built around clay books + videos, and the piles and piles of polymer jewelry mostly gathering dust in my bedroom.  (You know how that goes – you have your two or three favorite pieces, which soon are replaced by new work, and this continues through the years until you have a jewelry box full of stuff that is just hideous compared to your most recent masterpiece. You wouldn’t be caught dead in them now, but you feel funny throwing them away, knowing as you do all of the blood sweat and tears that went into making them back in 1996.  Please tell me you do this too.)

Anyway, I’m sure it’s completely unfair to blame Sherri.  I should probably be blaming Neil, who brought the book into the house in the first place.  Or maybe I should just accept that polymer clay and I were destined to meet one way or another, and the mechanism by which we came together those 14+ years ago is largely irrelevant.

In any case, I did get my first exposure to polymer through Sherri Haab, I enjoy her style, and I like her books, even the ones that are not specifically about polymer clay, like this brand new one: Sherri Haab Jewelry Inspirations: Techniques and Designs from the Artist’s Studio.

Sea Urchin Rings Vintage Glass Bead Earrings

Metal Clay Molded Bee Pendant Resin Clay Flower Bracelets

There are three polymer projects in the book, all of which are interesting, but none of which really float my own particular boat.  Luckily, what Sherri lacks in polymer clay depth here, she makes up for in general clay breadth.  In other words, I don’t mind the lack of polymer here because she’s playing with other kinds of clay that I find pretty neat.  In particular, metal clay and epoxy resin clay.

I plan on dusting off my metal clay supplies in the next week or so, but until then I decided to try a more instant-gratification project.  I had trouble choosing between the Sea Urchin Rings and the Resin Clay Flower Bracelets, but in the end I chose the bracelets.

Like I mentioned a few days ago, we’re in a financial crunch around here, so I didn’t want to invest in any new materials (as super cool as that epoxy resin clay sounds) so I substituted polymer in making the flower.  This is one case where the material used really doesn’t matter, because the sculpted part could be cured by itself.  (In other projects, it might not be appropriate to substitute an oven-bake clay for an air-dry clay, because the materials embedded in the clay may not be heat-resistant.)

Polymer Clay Flower Bracelet

I also used some of the leftover clay from the flower to make the easiest. button. ever. instead of using a mass-produced one.

I actually think that this bracelet looked just as nice before I put the flower on it.  I may have to make myself a little pile of braided fabric bracelets with matching solid-color buttons for the spring…

Polymer Clay Flower Bracelet

So I had fun with this book.  There’s nothing overly artsy or complicated here, just plenty of fun, lighthearted, and hip designs to play with, and a handful of new materials to explore.

How about you?  Want to have a little fun with this book?   Learn to make this bracelet, some big funky rings, vintage glass bead earrings, metal clay charm pendants, and more?  Leave a comment on this post, and I’ll choose a random winner sometime Monday evening (3/15).  Good luck!!

Until then, here are some links to keep you busy:


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Posted on 22 Comments

22 thoughts on “Sherri Haab Jewelry Inspirations + giveaway

  1. As always, love your creativity! As for myself, I still have not made the super-easy deodorant….

  2. Well of course I will be at the head of the line to say I love what is see so far in Sherri’s new book!… 🙂
    .-= See Melanie’s latest blog post: Run don’t walk….Big Giveaway =-.

  3. That is the sweetest bracelet! I can’t wait to show my daughter when she gets home from school (8 yo). She’s definitely going to want to make one this weekend. I bet she would love that book. 😉
    .-= See Antoinette’s latest blog post: Menu Plan Monday – Feb 15th, 2010 =-.

  4. Gonna make one this weekend. Probably without the clay flower, but definitely with some vintage buttons.

    By the way, do you make your own laundry soap, too? I have been and it saves a whole bunch of moohla.


  5. I had to laugh when I read about your jewelry collection over the years and the ones you once loved but wouldn’t be caught dead in now! You should create a little museum called ‘My Polymer Past’ with the ‘retired’ pieces hanging in order from when they were made. That way you (and everyone else) can see your progression over time. That would be something I would personally love to see. I bet it would be inspiring!
    .-= See Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor’s latest blog post: Spotlight: Interchangeable Pendants, First Kaleidoscope Canes =-.

  6. I love love love your new bracelet. It’s awesome… would like to see the book xx
    .-= See deb’s latest blog post: Thirfted Goodness which inspire me to start some [more] new projects.. =-.

  7. yes, I still have things that I made in 1990. I have not touched a wad of PC in over 2 years and I still have my “clay history” probably always will.

    Heck, I still have some items from swaps I did in 1998…I don’t even remember who any of the artists are anymore…but they are clay and someone made them with love…so they are still here.

    Funny, I don’t hord anything else…

  8. RT @polkadotcreatio: New blog post: Sherri Haab Jewelry Inspirations + giveaway

  9. Sherri Haab Jewelry Inspirations + giveaway – I have Sherri Haab to blame for all of this.  And by "this" I mean th…

  10. Love that awesome bracelet … I have clay, I just can’t quite get myself to clean all of the paper off my table, so I can give it a try … this book would likely be the push I need to do that. Thanks for the chance to win … and the gorgeous eye candy.
    .-= See SmilynStef’s latest blog post: Silhouette Siblings =-.

  11. I definitely want to have a little fun! I have spring break to play with clay and beads. Maybe drag out the sewing machine and make a couple of skirts, a summer jumper, something!! As I am on a money overhaul as well, I’m also going to trying to make cleaning a closet seem like a shopping trip, we’ll see how that plays out. HA!

    Sorry to hear about the camera. Mine died recently and it was hard to swallow. I HAVE to have a camera in my life.

    Good luck to everyone!


  12. I always need new ideas! Ideas make the world interesting.

    And I think the fabric braid with even a plainer button / decoration would be excellent.

    Sherri Haab often has neato stuff I’ve noticed.
    .-= See Elaine’s latest blog post: New Ideas =-.

  13. I just recently started looking at polymer clay projects and would love to give it a try. I want to eventually make my own buttons to use on hair accessories.

  14. Lisa, I’m sure my Miss 7 would just adore something like that, in fact as she is already familiar with using the clay I’m betting she could even give it a go herself. It could be one of our mother/daughter projects maybe?
    .-= See Emma’s latest blog post: Almost February already… =-.

  15. Cool braclet! I would love to win the book and try it out.

  16. You have such interesting posts! I really like the idea of the fabric bracelets. It is really cute.

  17. I don’t usually comment, but follow your blog Lisa. I play with clay and beads and now that both my daughters have moved closer am looking forward to sharing my PC addiction with them. I enjoyed your take on the fabric bracelets and know my daughters will too. Sherri Haab has is also one of the artists that started me on my journey.

  18. I had never even heard about metal clay before! I think you’re really clever to make such pretty things! Your bracelet is relly nice – as usual, great colours!
    I understand I might be too far away for your giveawy but I wanted to leave a comment anyway!
    .-= See Barbara’s latest blog post: Snow Buds =-.

  19. i missed the giveaway–but the bracelet turned out so cute! love the little details and the scrappy fabric too.

  20. Lovely work Lisa

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  22. […] Polymer Clay Flower Bracelet Image by lisaclarke From the book Sherri Haab Jewelry Inspirations, reviewed here + a giveaway […]

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