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Fall, straight out of the camera

I think I spend more time playing with the photos than I do composing the blog post.  Sometimes the pictures are ok straight out of the camera, but they almost always benefit from a little tweaking.

Fall, with a dreamy quality

I recently discovered a way to obtain a warm, dreamy effect.

Fall, with a vintagey tint

And I have been in love with this stuck-in-a-drawer-for-the-last-30-years vintagey look recently.

I haven’t decided which I prefer, but it almost doesn’t matter – often the fun is really in the playing.  What have you been playing with lately?


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. I just found out that I could make my own “Persona” for Firefox, so I tried doing that today and came up with this:

    Just like with photos, the most fun part isn’t really looking at my browser in a different color scheme — it’s the playing.
    .-= See Diana’s latest blog post: Domestic Violence Awareness =-.

    1. Hey, that’s really neat! And in about four hours, when I’ve wasted all morning tinkering with personas, I am going to regret ever reading your comment, LOL!

  2. Ha! I know, right? Hopefully the fun wears of quickly or at least you eat breakfast while tinkering. =)
    .-= See Diana’s latest blog post: Domestic Violence Awareness =-.

  3. oooh. the last one because it brings out the purple of that one leaf. I need a new camera. my pictures suffer so bad!!
    .-= See Tamara’s latest blog post: Tooth Fairy Pillow!! =-.

  4. I have recently realized I enjoy the process of editing just as much as I enjoy taking the actual photos!
    .-= See Nikki/WhiMSy llove’s latest blog post: History in the Making =-.

  5. I like! Messing around with stuff is fun. I’ve been playing with photos too, lately.
    So what’s your picture process?
    .-= See wendy’s latest blog post: Please, Mama, teach me to knit =-.

    1. Offhand, I just like to play around with some of the different settings in Paint Shop Pro. For the vintage look, I make a duplicate “soft light” layer, and sandwich a partially-transparent dark blue layer in between them.

      1. Cool, thanks! I’m going to see if I can do that with GIMP – I love the way it looks 🙂
        .-= See wendy’s latest blog post: One down! =-.

  6. I’m sure you have been asked this before but what camera set-up do you use? Im going to splurge this weekend and am fishing for opinions…..have any?? Thanks – Pam

    1. I have a higher-end point-and-shoot: a Canon S3 IS that I bought used on eBay last year. I’m not sure they make that particular S3 model anymore, but there are more recent models, and they get excellent reviews.

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