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Birth days

Birthday boy & his banner

Yesterday the youngest Clarke turned six.  Partying was done, fun was had.


And today we have the dishes in the sink to prove it.

What a beautiful day it is, today.  We’ve got Spring Break this week, but if the weather report is to be believed, much of it will be chilly, rainy, and gloomy.  So today we ignored those dishes for a while and got out of the house.  Just in case we have little opportunity next week.

I’d show you pictures of our trips to The Raptor Trust and The Great Swamp, but I left my memory card on the kitchen table.  You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you the Swamp was crawling with rat snakes, and that six vultures dropped in on The Raptor Trust to visit some of the residents while we were there.  And none of that is as creepy or unpleasant as it sounds.  I promise.

Our big bird-watching this afternoon was inspired by Eagle Cam:

A friend sent this link along, and I’ve had it on my screen all day. The eggs were due to start hatching yesterday, so really there could be baby bald eagles at any moment.  Very exciting.  They’re such majestic creatures.  The Raptor Trust has one that can’t fly, but he’s impressive just the same – kind of gives me an odd little lump in my throat every time I see him.

The eagles in the webcam are also in New Jersey, about 25 minutes south of us.  I wonder if Mama Eagle, like most long-expectant mothers, is getting impatient for her brood to poke their little beaks out of the eggs.

Not much longer, Mama Eagle.  The hours may be creeping slowly while you wait, but soon? Soon you’ll be putting out red party plates and hanging up banners to celebrate their big-kidhood.  Soon time will fly in ways you’ve never imagined.

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5 thoughts on “Birth days

  1. pretty cool! I have a six year old, too – pretty complex age. But still so much innocence.

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  2. wish the lad a happy birthday from one of his mom’s blog stalkers. my son will be seven next month. they grow up too quick…sometimes i think that’s good, but all too often i continue the search for a pill to keep him small…for just a little while longer.

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  3. New blog post: Birth days

  4. Hope his sixth year goes fabulously!

    They have a big raptor walk at the zoo here and the falcons and eagle are always up on the posts, very high up. The greater owls are usually tucked back in the trees. My daughter asked: Why are they looking at us like that?

    Dear, they are trying to decide if you are supper!

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  5. Happy birthday Eam?nn!

    And good luck with the dishes. Maybe “do one dish, eat some cake. Do one dish, eat some cake” will help. That’s how I do most tasks. 🙂

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