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Signs of spring

Rumor has it spring is on its way.  My Kindergartner tells me Saturday is the day.

Signs of spring

It’s still mostly brown in our yard, but there are a few colorful harbingers.  I’m thankful for this sneak peek into what is to come, as I am beginning to sorely miss the lush greenery that takes over the neighborhood, sometime in April.  Or is it May?  I can never remember.  It is probably May, but I always feel that it really should be sooner.  And so I come to expect it in April.  And truly crave it in March.

Signs of spring

Just a wee bit longer.

In the meantime, there are other celebrations to keep us entertained, like the little guy’s April 4th birthday, and St. Patrick’s Day today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I’m not at all Irish, and I’ve never been much of a pub-goer, so I have to be honest and say that this is one holiday that’s never held much of an appeal for me.  Still…

I do love me some green.

Tonight's gourmet bread

So tonight I make us a gourmet supper featuring Irish Soda Bread, and a chicken & rice dish.  (If “gourmet” means “bread from a mix,” and “rice from a box with a few well-placed drops of green food coloring mixed-in”.)

I often wonder where I’d be on these minor holidays without my trusty 4-pack of food coloring…


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Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Harbingers

  1. O M G! I have those exact same crocs, except I cut the back strap off of mine. Funny in the desert we like to keep the cold around as along as possible in March to April, we go from 70 as a high to sometimes 90. I have lived up north and looooooooooooooved the long cold winters, they improve my mood for some reason. I must have some reverse case of S A D, LOL. I glad, though, that spring is around the corner for you.

    1. I keep those crocs by the front door and wear them any time I have to run outside. They’re not the most attractive shoes in the world, but they are comfy and easy 🙂

      I think the perfect temperature for me is somewhere in the mid 70’s. I am clearly living in the wrong area, since there are only 2 months in the year here where mid 70’s are the average!

  2. Love all the outdoor pictures! Spring is coming I can feel it in the air!

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    1. Yep, I think it is! This morning the bus stop was decidedly not frigid 😉

  3. Your bathroom is the same color as mine. I posted a pic yesterday (St. Patty’s Day). I enjoy your site and appreciate the fact that you are honest about your mistakes and successes. Thanks for “keeping it real”.

    See what dani has been blogging about: Getting the Big Projects Out of the Way

    1. My pleasure -“real” is all I know how to do 😉

      I tried to comment on your blog, but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. I wanted to tell you I love your new quilt! It looks great, and not at all like a first effort!

      My bathroom was built in 1957 (along with the rest of my house). I think it’s a very 1950’s color!

      1. Our house was built in ’53. We are lucky that no updates had been done when we bought it. It was like going back in time to “I Love Lucy”. Gotta love it. Thank you for the props. I just posted new photos of my daughter’s quilt. I think I got the comment thing fixed to. I was meant to be born in the same era as my house, so I am working with a technology learning curve.

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