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WoFW: Tuesday

For Week of Few Words.  Things were accomplished today, some of them being:

Dishes done

Plants watered

Shipping paperwork printed

Plus a detour into obsessive-compulsive land, which I will be sure to chat about when we are back to our regularly-schedule Weeks of Many Words.

Brain briefly sidetracked by current obsession

And a hat for the dog – a 15-minute collaborative effort with Eamonn.

Tiny hat made with Son #2 and a new little loom


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Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “WoFW: Tuesday

  1. I do love the dog hat!

    I am having the reverse week of what I hoped to lemming-like copy from you. It’s a week of many words.

    See what Elaine has been blogging about: Little Fixes Make Big Differences

  2. Oh, the doogie cap is toooooooooo cute! Well done:)

  3. oooh – I love the doggy hat, *and* we have that loom! I think my kids might be interested in trying a project like that. (We like ’em short, sweet, and full of instant gratification around here :))

    And I’m *still* singing “Steam Heat” from the Pajama Game thanks to you! 😛

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