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Splash of color

One Object 365 Days: 250/365 09/06/08

It’s been a gray day, with splashes of color.  Rainy days are like that.  It started with me packing & shipping orders in my pajamas, and ended with me geeking-out on my laptop in my pajamas.  I the middle I did a lot more geeking, a small handful of boring household tasks, and a movie night with the boys.  All in my pj’s of course.  There was a lot of pajama time around here today.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I’ll need to get dressed.  I still have a handful of school supplies to hunt down, the boys need new shoes, and, frankly, one pajama day at a time is plenty for me anyway.

How about you?  Do anything interesting in your pajamas this weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Splash of color

  1. Been pretty gray here too, but my ‘in my pjs’ thing this weekend was making peach pie from scratch to ‘use up’ all our rapidly ripening peaches. Pastry from scratch is actually ridiculously easy, and I’d forgotten!

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    1. Oh, yum! I’ve only ever made pastry from scratch once, and it was so long ago, I barely remember the experience *or* how it came out! Maybe I should spend this afternoon making the strawberry bread I’ve been threatening to make for a month now…

      1. Know what? It was REALLY EASY: here’s what I did

        The only thing I found was that the amount of water called for was a bit much, so measure out the full half cup and dribble it into your food processor slowly so you can see when it starts bringing the dough together. I ended up adding in too much (as called for, though) and my dough was a bit wet, but with more flour added in the rolling out process, came out pretty good.
        Strawberry bread sounds equally yummy, though!

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  2. Hey, I live in Ireland. The perpetual home of gray. Hasn’t gotten about 70 this summer and it’s better than last. We love pj day here. Must be at least once a week, maybe 2 if the weekends aren’t busy. Relaxing is good!

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  3. Beautiful picture!

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  4. Oh how I wish I had spent the day in my pjs. (it might of looked funny at the play, but it would have been nice;)

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