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Swapland, NJ

The swap is coming together! I’m still waiting for about 15 packages, but I thought I should get started sorting, and assigning. Packages have all arrived here from those who have been visiting the Flickr group and telling me which sheets they like, so it seemed like those people would be the logical place to […]

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On the road again

I guess I’ve done a fair amount of polymer clay related travel this year. I hadn’t realized it until two Real Life friends said to me, when I told them that I was heading to Philadelphia this weekend, “you’re going away again?” They’re just jealous 😉 And what’s not to be jealous of? I’m here […]

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Color Week: Blue

So many things I feel like chatting about, but I must, by necessity, keep quiet. There’s a fairly long to-do list today that can’t be postponed. I’ll be in Philadelphia this weekend, and am not prepared at all. I wish I were not half asleep. Allergy Boy had a rough night, and by extension so […]

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Color Week: Red

Well, I have to admit, I didn’t realize just how much people were going to like Boring Office Guy. I mean, I found him really funny, but I’m his mother. I told him this morning about the 7-year-old who was watching his video repeatedly and who wanted to call Aidan with complements despite being a […]

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