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Say cheese

So I got up this morning with the intention of doing the bare minimum to make myself presentable for the bus stop.  Still feeling the pressure of a congestion-filled head, and planning to spend my day taking care of the various sedentary tasks I have to complete, I put on a pair of grungy sweats and a big t-shirt.  I had on no make-up, and was in dire need of a hair cut and an eyebrow waxing.  After seeing Aidan safely on the bus, I nuked a frozen half Taylor ham sandwich on an Everything Bagel for my breakfast.  I worked on my lists & such, and at lunch time grabbed myself a handful of garlicky rosemary crackers to gnaw on.

Have I drawn a vivid enough picture yet of the state I was in? The short description would be “sloppy-looking and reeking of onion.”  Not a big deal.  I had no intention of going anywhere today.  I wanted to be well-rested and over the worst of this bug before I had to hit the road tomorrow for Baltimore.

At 12:15 pm, I opened an email message from a photographer at the newspaper asking if I could come down today for a quick photo shoot for the article they’re doing.

Oh, yeah, suuuuure.  I’m totally photogenic today! icon_rolleyes-flickr-2-4

Yikes!  So now I’m dressed, I’m wearing a bit of lipstick, and I think I’ve managed to beat my hair into submission.  I still have to banish the garlic breath, though.  And I probably still look like a sick person who should be relaxing on her couch, but at least I’ll have a good excuse when I inevitably end up unhappy with the pictures they take icon_biggrin-flickr-4-4

I’ll see you all later – I have to go find me a mint somewhere…

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Say cheese

  1. I’m sure you looked beautiful. And if not, that’s why they invented photoshop!

  2. Hey that’s great news! Really bad onion breath almost never shows up in photographs. Especially grainy newspaper photos. I think you’re home free.

  3. well alrighty then. You sure know how to get sick with a bang doncha?

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