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Woe is me

Soup and crackers

I guess illness is never exactly convenient, but I do feel like this pressure in my head, this congestion, this sore throat, and this fatigue really could have come at a better time. Truly.

I mean, geez! I have to leave for Baltimore in 2 days and my to-do list doesn’t look much better than it did before my weekend of laziness and gluttony in Boston. I’m in no condition to process orders in my inbox, let alone ship them. Typing gives me a headache. I guess I’ll just get back into my fetal position on the couch and watch PBS in denial for the rest of the day Crying

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Woe is me

  1. Oh! Feel better! I am not so good today either. Felt great this morning, started to feel stiffly and now I am on the couch with a headache. I just hope it’s a cold and not the flu.

  2. Oh, no! It seems like everyone is sick these days. Speedy recovery to you. I hope there’s some good TV on to keep you entertained!

  3. eeeps!! feel better ! {{{{{{ healing hugs}}}}}}

  4. ooooh, poor you – get well soon Lisa, we want to see you tomorrow in Baltimore.



  5. […] then there’s the me that is feeling bad for the orders that have suffered in the last week of congestion and convention, and has spent some time today getting a not-undeserved verbal beating from a few […]

  6. […] poor me.  I was finally feeling like I was at the end of my cold.  It had been two weeks and I just had a bit of a cough left.  And then WHAM!  BAM!  POW! I had a sneezing fit this […]

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