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Synergy Delivery Service

Behind the scenesSo next week is the Synergy conference, and I am looking forward to it. I signed up at the last minute to be a vendor, so I will be there with piles of books & videos available to feed your polymer clay habit. I invite you to place an order ahead of time from my website, and I will have it all packaged up and waiting for you at the vendor fair. I recommend that you do this if there is something specific you have your eye on. I can’t guarantee that I’ll have it with me, or that I won’t be sold out when you get to my table, unless you place an order and reserve it ahead of time.

Interested? Simply place an order as usual, and enter the discount coupon SYNERGY in the shopping cart. This will set your shipping charges to $0.00 and alert me that you would like me to deliver your order to you there instead of mailing to your address. The shopping cart will still prompt you to choose a shipping method – just pick any old thing. I will ignore it anyway and bring your goodies with me to the conference.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop me a line.

One Object 365 Days: 44/365 02/13/08

And let’s hope for decent weather. I’ve just about had enough of winter!

Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Synergy Delivery Service

  1. I am jealous. I would love to get to go to SYnergy but nope..have to go to seattle instead for my sisters wedding.

    btw….should I send you some of our sunshine? Our daffodil’s are up and blooming already.

    1. Ok, well you can be jealous of me at Synergy while I’m jealous of you and your daffodils. Sound fair? 😉

      1. ok…sounds fair. give everyone hugs from me k?

  2. I know what you mean about the weather. By the way, what is that under your feet? It looks like the ground. I haven’t seen that for a long time. Looking forward to some milder temperatures and even in a cold snap Baltimore has got to be better than Western Michigan has been this past 6 weeks!!!

    1. Yeah, you are probably right! Here in NJ, we’ve been pretty lucky as far as snow goes this year. We’ve had a lot of cold cold rain, though, which is worse when you’re out running errands or waiting for school buses, though. Blech. If I didn’t care so much about being close to family, I’d have moved several hours south a long time ago, LOL!

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