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Unpacking, Flipping, Entering, Scanning, and Stressing

To be scanned

It’s been a busy day so far here at Polka Dot Creations world headquarters.   Yesterday I caught up in the order processing that has been plaguing me for months.  SUCH a relief, you wouldn’t believe it.  I’ve scheduled a decent chunk of those orders for shipment tomorrow (I’ll pack ’em up tonight) and today I’ve started tackling some other tasks that have been clamoring for my attention.

I unpacked a variety of boxes that have been piling up since mid-December.  All but one of them contained magazines, which I flipped through, marking-off the clay-related content so I could include it in my online descriptions.

Then, I entered all of these magazines into my database and made them available in the store.

What I haven’t done is scan all of the covers for my website or put the magazines away on their shelves.  Not enough hours in the day, it seems…

One Object 365 Days: 43/365 02/12/08

Oh, and there was this box…  Celtic Canes and Beads is  here (which adds another crazy level of complexity to the idea of catching up on shipments).  I got all of theDVDs unpacked and put away (yay!).  Except for one, which is in my DVD player as we speak.  Sarah Shriver is slicing the seams off of a cane-covered bead, and I’m really not giving her the attention she deserves.  [I’ve already taken the very cool Celtic Caning workshop with her in person, so I have an excuse, don’t I?]

I’m starting to feel suddenly very stressed out.   Synergy has crept up on me and is now little more than a week away.  While it’s exciting, I’m wondering how on earth  I’m going to keep from getting way behind again on shipments and how I’m going to prepare to be  a  vendor of books and have my creations in the gallery.  A month ago, I was just an attendee with no real prep work to be done and somewhere along the line I got myself involved in things that require me to think and get things accomplished before I go.  Ack!  What was I thinking?!

I think I need to sit down and do some serious list-making.  It’s the only thing that is likely to soothe my nerves EEK.

Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Unpacking, Flipping, Entering, Scanning, and Stressing

  1. Hi,
    I looked at all of the new items that you listed. Don’t worry about the covers. Those are easy to find. The important thing is you got them up and listed. I can’t imagine trying to get all of that done.

    I am glad you will be at Synergy. I will be attending. Will you be bringing the 2007 Progress and Possiblities with you? I would definitely purchase one on-site and get to meet you.


    1. Hi, Beth. I stole a few covers online today, so that cuts my workload a bit 😉

      I’ll be bringing P&P ’07, although the guild may already have a table set up for that. (All vendors are agreeing not to duplicate each others’ items.) I’m bringing them just in case, though. You can always order a copy ahead of time and I’ll bring it for you, if you want!

  2. serious list making a nice glass of wine should do the nerve trick 😀

    I am so saving my pennies for Sarah’s celtic cane DVD

    1. Wine. Now, why didn’t I think of that?

      1. Uhhhh cause you were into list making? 😉

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I know what you mean about the list making. I sat down with my Synergy letter yesterday and thought the exact same thing. And I’m not even going to be displaying like you are.
    I’m looking forward to meeting you. I enjoy reading your blog so much!

    See what Karen has been blogging about: Progress on my January Beaded Journal Page

    1. Thanks, Karen! It’ll be nice to meet you too. I think one of the best parts of this conference is finally getting to put some faces to all of the names I’ve been reading for so many years!

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