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So sleeeeeeepy

New canes and creations

This was my last batch of buttons from the Clayathon.  I didn’t even get to drill the holes properly before I left for home.  This time instead of matching to a particular colorway of a fabric collection, I used a particular pattern (French Wallpaper) in several different compatible colors.  These are from Belle by Amy Butler.

I had a great weekend.  It was satisfyingly prolific, full of laughter, and generally the good time that it always is.  I wish I could have stayed another day, because I’m pretty sure I have another bunch of buttons left in me.

One thing I didn’t get to do enough of this weekend was sleep. I think a mid-morning nap is in order today icon_biggrin-flickr-7-2


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Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “So sleeeeeeepy

  1. I love the buttons, and, of course, the fabric. ~ swoon ~
    What a fantastic idea to make coordinating buttons – Amy Butler should be promoting them!

    1. Wouldn’t that be a kick! Of course, I’d have to hire some cheap labor to keep up with demand in that case. I’m probably better off with minimal exposure, LOL!

  2. Naps are a wonderful thing. How come when we are little we don’t appreciate them and fight them all the way, and when we are all grown up we DO appreciate them and have to fight to get one? I love my daily nap. Bet you are glad to be home eh?

    1. I *am* glad to be home. I’ve been spending all morning on the computer, though, and never did take that nap. Now I’m too hungry. Lunch, and then nap? Heh. I’m not going to get *anything* done today at this rate. That’s not good…

  3. tsk tsk….should of taken the nap instead of playing on the computer! I actually got my work done this morning (and it isn’t even 10 yet!) so now I can clay and nap.

  4. hey – you are famous. Just got my Drew Magazine, and for some reason was paging through the Facebook article – and there you were. ha! That was rather fun to see :O)

    1. Wasn’t that a hoot? I’m the only one in that article who isn’t 19 years old, LOL! Before that I always thought MySpace was for the kids and Facebook was for the “grownups.” Now I’m seeing there’s a whole seedy underworld of teenagers there who spell with numbers and la-z abbreviations 😉

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