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No apologies

December desktop

One of the unwritten rules of blogging is “don’t apologize for not blogging.” So I won’t. I’m here now, and that’s what counts, right? Right Wink

I can tell from the overwhelming response to my last post that you are all sooooo into digital scrapbooking. So, allow me to share one more image. This is my new desktop background, which I made with the latest kit from Songbird Avenue. I kept it solid-ish on the left side so that my plethora of icons doesn’t get lost in a chaotic background, and I framed one of my favorite recent photos.

Remember how I mentioned that I spent 8 hours making calendar pages on Sunday? Well not long after that, I went looking to see if there were any new free digiscrap kits available since I’d last looked about a year ago. Were there ever! I tell you, these coordinating “papers” are so appealing to me in just the same way as the fabric collections I’ve lusted after lately. And I suppose, if you look at what I do with clay, you could argue that this is not a recent thing for me. I’ve been combining different-but-coordinating canes for the last 4 years at least.

April 2007 calendar page August 2008

Anyway, I got sucked into downloading more kits. I had the downloads coming in one window and my disc space reclaiming utility running in another, because more than once I was warned that I was running out of space. Thank goodness this is all virtual. Where on earth would I put all of this paper if it were real? Now just one question remains: What do I think I’m going to do with all of this? Generally-speaking, fooling around with digital scrapping is something I only do once a year, for calendar-making. And I only need 12 kits for that. In fact, it wouldn’t have been too hard to just re-use the ones I already had next year without repeating too many elements. (Those layouts above [Apr07 and Aug08] were done using the same kit, and they look different enough.) But, instead, I sat on the couch with my laptop until I was nearly dozing, downloading 40 new free kits. Clearly, I have some kind of illness.

I can feel your eyes glazing over, so I’ll stop now.  I also just deleted a long, rambling paragraph about my workload this week (I was working from 9am until Midnight yesterday with very little break time).  My own eyes were glazing over reading that one.  Maybe I’ll let you in on some of the things I’ve been thinking about next time, if I can make them sound in the least bit interesting Big Grin

For now, I’m going to go snuggle on the couch with a little person, watch a Blue’s Clues DVD and contemplate the foreign idea of doing absolutely nothing for a few minutes.

Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “No apologies

  1. Hmmm, I really, really wish you hadn’t written this one, just what I need, another reason to spend hours on the computer, LOL. My DH was just commenting about the space my scrapbooking stuff takes up and why don’t I just do it on the computer (since my pictures are already there anyway) and now you give me the resources to do so (I didn’t know there was even such a thing as digiscrapping). Happy Holidays, and truly, I am glad to have found out about this, maybe after the first of the year, LOL. Hugs, Sue C

    1. I really find it enjoyable. But then, it is a no-brainer for me in that it combines my love of color/patterns and my love of tinkering on the computer. The cool thing is that you can just print out the pages, if you want a physical copy. There are even services out there that will print them for you in bound books, etc.

  2. I will NOT get into digital scrapbooking. I will NOT, I will NOT!! Stop woman….you are making temptation to, um, tempting!

    1. Heh. You’re just too easily-influenced 😉

  3. I did the same thing with web page backgrounds a while back. I kept looking and downloading and downloading…..and I have also done the same thing with fonts. I have literally TONS of fonts. Do I use them? Well, no! of course not. The fun seems to be in the hunting, finding and downloading.
    It seriously must be one of those 26 things (or the 27th) on your list a few postings back. We “artsy” types seem to have an addiction.

    I have a digial Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer program. I actually use it to edit all my bead pics. Love it!

    1. Oh, yes! I’ve done the same thing with fonts! I do think I may be over the font thing at this point – finally came to the realization that I always pick the same 3 or 4 fonts for any project anyway, LOL!

      I may have passed on my affliction to the next generation, though. My 7-year-old recently salivated when I gave him all 100+ of my fonts to install on his computer. The sick thing is that he knows the names of many of them and can name them when he sees them out and about in the real world. Weird.

      1. only 100+ fonts? On my desktop aka Bertha, I have over 900 different fonts. Of course ask me how often I use Bertha or the fonts these days. On the MacBook Pro I only have maybe…..250. Collecting fonts is an addiction. No where in the addiction rules does it say you have to USE them 🙂

        See what Kathi has been blogging about: Channukah

        1. Well, you are just in the font-collecting big leagues. I have moved on to bigger and more space-consuming things. I have at least 1.5 gig of scrapbooking “papers” and embellishments I’ll probably never use on my hard drive.

          We probably shouldn’t get into a “whose collections are bigger” discussion because I am just crazy enough to try and win. That’s the last thing I need 😉

          1. Nah…no “collection” challenges. I promise! I am just thankful I have 1 80G hd on the macbook and two 80G hd’s on bertha….for when I get in the “I must download more space consuming things I will never use” 🙂

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