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Sticky situation


It was a rainy day today. I got a bit wet waiting for the bus to drop of Aidan this afternoon. It would have been perfect Fall weather, if the temperature had been 10-15 degrees cooler. At the moment, I’ve got the windows open and the attic fan on to help cool me off, and I’m starting to think I may need my head examined because I’m contemplating turning on the air conditioner. I’ve resisted because it’s only 72 degrees. But the moisture in the air is just plain gross. I am sticking to the floors when I walk, to the banister on the way down the stairs, and to Eamonn when we sit on my bed shoulder-to-shoulder playing A B C D Watermelon at the Between the Lions website. The breeze being pulled into the room by the attic fan would be lovely if it weren’t dripping with moisture.

Still, life goes on and plans continue, muggy or not. Eamonn’s Special Night culminated, as it always does, in the much-anticipated cuddle time, and when I finally left the room, he was snoring quietly, limbs spread out as far as they could be, in an effort to keep cool. I’m having to remind myself that it is not mid-August, but rather mid-October.


October brings, among other things, my grandmother’s birthday, which we will be celebrating on Sunday. I’m thinking of making her something, and the first thing that came to mind is a patchwork scarf. I’ve never made one before, but there’s a nice one in Denyse Schmidt Quilts. Apparently I think Granny is always cold – my usual birthday gift for her is a sweater, and now I’m going the scarf route. I’ve been experimenting with a technique to appliqué polymer clay onto fabric, and I think the ends of a scarf would be a perfect place for some nifty doo-dads. If I manage to play with this, I’ll be sure to share.

Those are my flickr favorites for the week up there.  I just love the softness of the coloring in the first few rows, and the fiery oranges lower in the mosaic.  And speaking of orange…


The Color Challenge is heating up for this month!  I’m so excited to see new people joining every day, and inspiring creations being submitted.  I’ll probably be ready to pull the plug on this month’s contest within the week, so if you haven’t gotten your orange items photographed, better hurry!

I’ve blogged three times today – maybe I ought to take the weekend off to make up for it.  I’d hate to wear out my welcome in anybody’s feed aggregator Wink

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