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Evolution of a color scheme – step two

Considering a new color scheme

We’re creating a new color scheme together, and our first step was to make a mosaic of photos that included colors we might want to use. Our task now, is to use that mosaic to generate a color palette, from which we can choose our three main colors. A simple Google search for “palette generator” yields an impressive number of results. I chose three free tools to try.

First was from Big Huge Labs and the results are pictured above. I see some attractive blues and greens in this palette, but the pinks don’t do it for me. I want something much pinker.

Considering a new color scheme

This swatch is from’s Color Palette Generator and I’m even less happy with these pinks, although the aqua in the vibrant column is a really nice one.

Considering a new color scheme

Now, this one, generated by Jeff Minard’s Color Palette Generator is much closer to what I want pink-wise. And I think perhaps I can find an appropriate blue and green here as well. Additionally, there’s nothing stopping me from choosing colors from all three palettes and using them together.

Next step? Making the final color choices.

Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Evolution of a color scheme – step two

  1. I’m glad it worked for you 😀

    1. I like it – I suspect it would be even more accurate on an image that wasn’t so crazy busy. And I like that you can get a palette of 49 colors. There’s bound to be something appropriate in that many choices!

  2. I actually like the first palette. I can see using some of those colors for a MG stack. But…before I can do that I need to create something with more orange then the purple/orange pod I have on my flickr site.

    1. I like them, too. They don’t work for what I have in mind, but they are actually colors that are more along the lines of what usually appeals to me.

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