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A little random fun

dee1842159151-flickrFor those of you who enjoy a little randomness in life, have you checked out the Close Your Eyes and Point link in the Polka Dot Creations book store? Every time you click it, you get a different, random, list of 50 polymer clay books, videos, magazines, tutorials, whatever. I amuse myself for minutes at a time just refreshing the screen to see what pops up. Yeah, I’m easily amused, but I thought maybe some of you might be, too, hence the post 🙂 In addition to being kind of fun, it does give you a chance to unearth some older books you may not have known existed. The book to the left popped up when I Closed My Eyes and Pointed before. It’s one of those older titles that doesn’t see much action. It’s not exactly cutting edge, but I’ve always liked it because it has a different aesthetic than most other polymer clay books.

Here’s another link that I find interesting: I call it Everybody Else is Doing It… If you’ve ever wondered what most clayheads are shopping for these days, this is your link. It’s based on what has been purchased in the last 30 days, and it accurate up to the minute. (This is different than the bestseller list, which is based on items *shipped* and is only updated once a month).

Those ought to keep you busy for a few minutes. If I think of any other ways to help you pass the time on this holiday weekend, I’ll be sure to pass them along – I’m not going anywhere 😉

And if you think of any other types of information that might be fun to see on the site, let me know – I program all of this stuff myself, and if I find your suggestion appealing, I’m just enough of a geek to drop everything and put it together on the spot. Ask userinfo-flickrclarkesworld – I’m not kidding 😉

Happy Memorial Day!


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