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I’ve always thought that I could improve my finished polymer clay jewelry by learning some wireworking techniques. These videos are a good start for absolute beginners. I already know how to do most of these things, so I’m hoping they produce a few more advanced tutorials sometime.

I found this link via Cyndi Lavin’s bead blog (I almost said Christine Lavin, but she’s someone else entirely, LOL!).

Now, if you have a moment, please send me “patience vibes.” I’m supposed to be having a happy, carefree day, wearing my new skirt and enjoying turning 36. Isn’t that how birthdays are supposed to be?

<rosy filter on>
I always envision myself breezing through the day, looking lovely, relaxing in my spotless house, enjoying time with my perfectly-behaved children, maybe meeting some friends for a casual get-together, where I am radiantly effervescent and ever-popular…
<rosy filter off>

Instead I’m losing patience. Patience with my internet connection, patience with son #2, patience with the state of my house… I need to relax. Maybe I should just pretend yesterday was today – yesterday was *almost* like I envisioned. My friends surprised me with a spur-of-the-moment breakfast get-together at Starbucks. No kids involved (woo hoo!). I wasn’t radiantly effervescent (I spilled my tea on myself twice) but it’s not like I *ever* am. The best I get socially is comfortable-yet-slightly-bumbling. I’m ok with that.

Boy, I wish I could get a haircut and an eyebrow waxing. And then come home to a nice relaxing shower and an hour or two catching up on my favorite feeds… blissfully alone – just me and my Dr. Pepper. LOL! Ah well. I guess there are worse things in life than shaggy hair and having to stop typing every 30 seconds to answer a question about I Spy Fantasy, right? At least I have my Friendly Frank to look forward to later…



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Posted on 2 Comments

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