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Child Art

kp0873419855-flickrOne of my favorite older books is Barbara McGuire‘s Embracing Child Art. I love the concept – take your favorite kid’s artwork and use it to create something more sophisticated (jewelry, home decor, etc). The end result is a special collaborative effort. I haven’t flipped through that book in some time, but I was reminded of it this weekend when I was working on my own special project.

aidanskirt5-flickrSon #1 gave me a book he made for Mother’s Day last week. It had 9 pages of his own drawings. As soon as I saw it, I thought it would be fun to make something wearable with those pictures. Allow me to present my Mom Skirt. And, since I can’t just do *one* thing at a time, here is a second skirt I made using similar techniques but without the kid art. Both skirts include to polymer clay embellishments (buttons and beads).

I also did a pile of tie-dyed shirts and a bunch of kid-size bucket hats, which would have been great if not for the fact that they were too cheap to hold up in the wash – at least half of them are coming unsewn. I guess you get what you pay for ($14.95/dozen at Oriental Trading Company!). I had a great idea for the bucket hats that I was going to try out in my Etsy shop, but I’m going to have to get some better quality hats if I’m going to go that route.


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