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Loony Shoes

Loony ShoesPainted shoes were mentioned on Polymer Clay Daily today, and it reminded me… have I ever shown you my funky sneakers? I made them last fall, when it was getting too cold to wear my fuzzy flip-flops, but I was still in the mood to have some fun on my feet.

I used fabric paint on a pair of cheap canvas Walmart sneakers to make the sneakers brown with a handful of blue and green polka dots. I made “laces” by finger-knitting some fuzzy yarn. There are three polymer clay tiles that I made and threaded onto the laces as I put the laces on the shoes.

I felt weird wearing them at first, but now they’re a favorite of mine, and they made it through the winter surprisingly well. I like them best with cropped pants.


Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Loony Shoes

  1. Lisa, you are such a creative girl with wonderful taste in shoes AND skirts!

    See what Kim Cavender has been blogging about: How to waste an afternoon and learn more about yourself than you ever wanted to know!

    1. Heh, thanks. I just try not to wear all the crazies at once 🙂

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