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Pricing help

ws0962992321-flickrHeather Powers of the Art Bead Scene Blog posted this morning a link to a tool that could come in very handy for jewelry designers: An Excel-based price calculator by Eni Oken. If I hadn’t already written one of these little doohickeys myself for my personal use several years ago, I’d be all over this. For only $5, if you have some basic knowledge of Excel and you could use some help pricing your work, it might be worth the download.

Which reminds me of a very cool book I once read (cool enough that I decided it belonged in my store, in fact): The Basic Guide to Pricing Your Craftwork by James Dillehay. Lots of good tips there for increasing the “perceived value” of your wares, which can be helpful for polymer clay artists whose work is not always appreciated for how complex and time-consuming it can be.

And as long as we’re talking about pricing, I should mention the very interesting thread on Judy Dunn’s blog recently where she discusses the process of putting a price on one of her exquisite pears.

Happy Claying!

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