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Upcycled Chalkboard-Topped Jar

Posted January 7th, 2013 by

Got peanut butter jars? Here’s a little craft I did two days before Christmas, when I was frazzled beyond belief. I tell you this both to prove to you how easy it is, and to demonstrate how utterly crazy I am to photograph a tutorial when I should have been unearthing the dining room table.

I like to recycle some of the larger jars that end up in my kitchen, but I also like my containers to be attractive, and not a mish-mosh of cast-offs. This project helps to unify my jar collection and at the same time gives me a handy spot to write things down. I’m kind of a crazy-person with the chalk marker lately, so I welcome new surfaces to write on – even if it is patently obvious what is inside the jar…

Tools and Materials


Remove any labels from the jars.

Paint the entire surface of the metal jar top. If using mason jar lids, you can leave the edges unpainted, since the rings will cover them up anyway.

Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours (or as directed on the paint bottle), and add a second coat if necessary. I didn’t bother with a second coat, because I was in a rush (it was Christmas Eve by this point) but I think another coat might have been nice.

Bake the lids in the oven according to the directions on the paint bottle. This cures the paint and makes it permanent and dishwasher safe.

Enjoy your new-old jar!

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