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WIP Weekends?

Posted December 6th, 2010 by

So I had this great idea to start a “Work-in-Progress Weekends” feature, which would feature glimpses into the projects I was currently working on, and would invite you to share in kind.

But before I knew it, it was already Monday and I hadn’t made a fancy little blog button to represent the series.  And more importantly, I hadn’t written up anything about my own WIPs to share and to kick off the whole thing.

At this point my enthusiasm for a new series has fizzled, but my interest in showing you what I’m up to has not.  Consider this an isolated WIP Monday that may or may not someday evolve into a weekend series.

I’m feeling awfully noncommittal :-)

So there’s been knitting.  Surprised? I didn’t think so.

Another pair of Dashing Another Purl Scarf

On the needles right now I have a pair of Dashing for my father and a Purl Scarf for, well, I’m not sure who it’s for.  A sister-in-law or brother’s girlfriend perhaps.  I’m finding the pattern so brainless-yet-beautiful that I cast-on my fourth without really having a plan for it.  (Did I show you my third? I made it for myself using the yarns that are pictured in my blog header.  Took me one day – I was highly motivated to finish it and wear it immediately!)

Work in Progress

Other works-in-progress are of a household variety.  I am finally getting down to some serious cleaning and decluttering.  It’s been a long time coming.  Right now I’m in the dining room, working my way from left to right, as you can probably tell.  My goal this week is to get enough of the table cleaned off that I can do a few little sewing projects.  And after that, I want to get more of the table cleaned off so that I can work on some clay things – buttons and shawl pins, I think.

So that’s it for me.  There are plenty of other tasks on my to-do list, but they’re technically not in progress (or particularly interesting) so I’ll leave them out of this.

Holidays Day 6 - Every Little Thing

I tell you, though, as much as I adore the results of a good decluttering, the process leaves a lot to be desired.  I’d much rather sit around playing with a big box of sparkly things.  (I love this picture – I feel a new blog header coming on. Ack! No! Must. Avoid. Distractions!)

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