Pink Tree Envy

More warm weather Pink tree envy

Back yard More warm weather

Felt like summer: wearing shorts to school, enjoying morning coffee on the back patio

Looked like spring: a neighbor’s pink tree at the bus stop, our budding trees in the back yard.

Tomorrow? 58 degrees and rainy. I guess April is back.

As an aside, I totally think I need a pink tree in my yard.  I’d love a dogwood. Or maybe one of those cool trees with the purple blossoms.  Or, ooh! one of each!

Don’t mind me.  I’m dealing with my annual bout of Pink Tree Envy 😀

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6 thoughts on “Pink Tree Envy

  1. Back…. for now! Seriously, we’ve had snow every weekend through April thusfar, and usually 50s-70s during the week. Some sort of weather god is taunting me.

  2. I think you should get a redbud they are wonderfully fun trees!!! We have no flowering trees here and I drove by our new house with lots of hope and found that….. there are no flowering trees there either:( bummer. Oh well.

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  3. I love the pink trees in my neighbors’ yards, too. But just think of a few weeks from now when they have pink lawns that need cleaning up! Then it’s not so bad to envy from afar 🙂

    ps – thanks for sharing your thrifting spot. I promise I won’t go near the bedding! I’m more in the market for baby gear right now…

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