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Let’s Go Somewhere…

Let's Go Somewhere, a summer playlist from Polka Dot Radio and Lisa Clarke

I made a new Summer Spotify playlist this past weekend, and I’ve called it “Let’s Go Somewhere…” in honor of the fact that I’ve been going somewhere a lot this season 😀

This is a pretty typical collection for me, in terms of the type of music I’ve chosen. It’s all either new, or new to me, with the majority of songs being from the 2020s. There are a few modern covers of 60’s and 70’s classics, too, and one song that it surprised me to learn is 30 years old. I wonder if you can spot it.

There isn’t really a theme here, though there are a few songs about going places. That seemed appropriate 😀

The cover image is from our trip to Cross Estate Gardens. and features a really cool set of stone steps, and my funky UIN shoes that I have been wearing basically everywhere this summer.

These tracks have also all been duly added to Summer Radio. Click that link if you’d prefer to listen to an 18-hour mega playlist, which is a compilation of all of the individual summer playlists I’ve made in the last ten years.

Happy listening!


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