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Everybody’s Growing Up: A Spring Playlist

Everybody's Growing Up Spring Playlist from Polka Dot Radio

Usually when I am ready to make a new seasonal playlist, I check the lyrics of the songs I am picking, just to make sure that they don’t have too much of an “other time of year” vibe. For example, I would not enjoy listening to a song about the beauty of snow right now. I am done with snow right now. Snow has no place on my spring playlist. Any song that mentions snow is promptly ejected from the list 🙂

Since I check all the lyrics, sometimes I notice that I’ve unintentionally chosen multiple songs touching on similar topics. And when that happens, I tend to lean into that bit of serendipity, and use the theme to inspire a title and cover for my playlist.

This time around, there were quite a few songs in my collection that sang about childhood in one way or another. So I took a line from one of those songs, turned it into the title of my playlist, and picked a favorite old photo of my kids for the cover.

I’m really enjoying this playlist. It’s peppy and upbeat (most of the time), and it’s making me smile when I listen to it. Hope you have a similar reaction!

You might also be interested in Spring Radio, which is all of my playlists from this time of year, dating back to 2013. 199 tracks, and 12 hours of music. You can listen to it in reverse chronological order, or shuffle it.

Happy Listening!


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