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November Mood

November Mood Playlist on Spotify by Polka Dot Radio

Well, it’s November, and usually by this time, I have either made a Fall playlist and listened to it ad nauseum for the last two months, or decided that I didn’t need a new one at all. It’s not like me to actually make a Fall playlist in November.

November is a weird time of the year for music, I think. It exists in that limbo between the Autumnal peak, and Christmas. Musically, it’s that place where maybe you’ve had enough of the mellow descent-into-fall vibe, but you’re not quite ready to spin the holiday tunes.

Usually, I just ride this month out, listening to a mish-mosh of Fall playlists, and occasionally jumping the gun on a favorite Christmas album or two. And I had every intention of doing the same thing this year. But I’ve been busy setting up my Spotify account to my liking, and listening to a lot of music in the process, and the lure of the new playlist was just impossible to resist after a while.

So, I stopped resisting, and today I present November Mood on Spotify:

The songs on this playlist have also been added to my Collection: FALL playlist on Spotify, if you want to wander over there, put it on shuffle, and just listen to all of my Fall playlists jumbled together for kicks. I’ve been doing that a lot myself, while I work and while I drive these days.

Happy listening!


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