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Quiet Time 13

I just found this unfinished draft from July 19th!

Hello, peaceful bedtime music fans. I’ve got another one for you. That makes thirteen!

Since starting this post, I have mostly moved my base of music operations over to Spotify. I still intend to duplicate my playlists on 8tracks, so if you follow me there, nothing will change. If you’re a Spotify user, though (and many more people seem to be that than 8tracks users) you can basically see every playlist I’ve ever made, plus some special collections that are not on 8tracks at all.

So, here’s this Quiet Time 13 playlist on Spotify:

And here’s a collection of ALL of the Quiet Time playlists on Spotify (I shuffle this for an hour every night when I go to sleep – if you like this, add it to your library, and you’ll automatically get updates when I add new Quiet Time playlists to the collection):

The whole reason I found this old post draft is that I wanted to share my newest playlist. I’ll do that next week instead, but if you want a sneak peek, just follow me on Spotify or follow me on 8tracks, and you’ll see it there.


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