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Summer Vibes

UPDATE: I just noticed this is my 2000th published post! Pretty cool, eh? And earlier this month it was the 10th anniversary of this iteration of my blog! (I’ve been blogging since September 2005, but I started this WordPress blog in June of 2007). It’s a very milestoney kind of month!

I made a new playlist. Want to hear it? It’s about ninety minutes long, and it’s all pretty new music. I often pepper older stuff into my mixes, but I resisted this time. I’ve put the track listing at the end of the post, so those who like surprises can’t accidentally read it if they don’t want to 😉

Summer Vibes from lclarke522 on 8tracks Radio.

I had fun making this cover. I took an image from last month’s trip to Ocean City, and transformed it from “The Ocean Front Motel” to “Summer Vibes 2017.” Pretty cool, eh?

Sometime next week, I think I’ll probably publish my 6th Quiet Time playlist. (Six!) I’ve been mulling those tunes over long enough. It’s time to commit already 😉

Ok, here’s that track listing I promised. Enjoy the Summer Vibes!

 01: Greg Holden - Hell & Back
 02: Spoon - Can I Sit Next to You
 03: Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)
 04: Bahari - California
 05: Josh Pyke - The Summer
 06: Darlingside - Fourth of July
 07: The Accidentals - Michigan and Again
 08: Alessi's Ark - Over the Hill
 09: Kings Of Convenience - Misread
 10: Neko Case - Deep Red Bells
 11: Kathleen Edwards - Sidecar
 12: Treetop Flyers - Things Will Change
 13: Human Highway - The Sound
 14: The Reflections - Summer Days
 15: The Lighthouse And The Whaler - Venice
 16: The Shins - Name For You
 17: Born Ruffians - Needle
 18: Young Rising Sons - High
 19: Dresses - Sun Shy
 20: Broken Social Scene - Skyline
 21: Florence + The Machine - Ship To Wreck
 22: Sheppard - Geronimo
 23: The Script - Hall of Fame (feat.
 24: Oh Honey - Be Okay
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