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Love is a Swimming Pool with no Bottom


It’s time for a new Summer mix tape!

I call this one “Love is a Swimming Pool with no Bottom,” which is a lyric taken from the first track in the playlist. (I did the same thing three months ago with my previous mix, The Clouds, the Land, the Sea, so I guess it’s a trend now…)

This time around I dug into the archives for some older tunes (60’s, 70’s, 80’s), mixed them up with a bunch of songs from some of my favorite female voices of the 90’s (10,000 Maniacs, The Cranberries, The Sundays, Innocence Mission, etc.) and threw in a healthy dose of brand new stuff, too. And, since I kind of enjoy having an over-arching theme where I can, several of my selections also had something to do with summer.

It’s kind of a weird mish-mosh, and there are a few tracks that I question whether I’ll still be enjoying them on the millionth listen a few months from now, but for the most part I like it.

There’s definitely a larger percentage of songs you will recognize on this playlist as compared to many of my others.

I made this one to be a driving mix, so I’d love it if you fired up the Spotify app and wanted to hear it that way, too!

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