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I put my Brita pitcher in the dishwasher, even though you are not supposed to do that, and it came out a teeny tiny bit warped. The red basin part changed shape just enough that the lid no longer snaps into it.

This was my solution. I used masking tape, scrap polymer clay, and a Sharpie.


If we’re being honest, before that solution came to me, I first tried to force the pieces together, got frustrated, had a mini tantrum, and threw the lid across the kitchen. But that might have been the Peppermint Patty I had for breakfast talking. (Breakfast of champions. Great brain food.)

Eventually a cooler head prevailed. And it even drew pretty flowers.

Hey, I don’t expect to be back here before Christmas, so let me wish those of you who celebrate: Merry Christmas!!

I’ve got about half of my gifts wrapped so far. That sounds about normal for me…

See you in a few days 🙂



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Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “Warped

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Lisa!

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