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New Pattern: Neutral Squares Blanket

Hold on to your hats, it’s another pattern! In less than a week!

Enthusiasts of the hook, this one is for you.

As crocheters, we are drawn to a project when it has aspects that will keep us interested in the work: color! design! variety! And yet, we all have loved ones who eschew those very things. How do we reconcile their tastes with our desire to crochet them something special?

I’ll tell you. We make them one of these!

Neutral Squares Blanket at Polka Dot Cottage

Neutral Squares crochet blanket, at Polka Dot Cottage

Neutral Squares crochet blanket, at Polka Dot Cottage

Neutral Squares crochet blanket, at Polka Dot Cottage

Winter 21/31 - Texture

This is the blanket I crocheted for Neil’s Christmas present last December. Few people are more persnickety than Neil when it comes to handmade stuff, but he likes this blanket. In fact, I can’t get him to leave it in the family room where I intended for it to be, because he likes to sleep under it.

This pattern is the easiest of my four crocheted blankets. The tutorial version teaches you how to make a granny square, how to connect squares together as you go, and how to make a border.

I also talk a bit about alternate color schemes, and the best way to go about constructing the pieces of your blanket.

I am so pleased to finally be publishing this pattern. I’ve had the pictures taken, the introduction written, and the pattern scribbled down for months. I just couldn’t seem to get past my tutorial-writing block until now.

A blanket like this makes a nice gift for someone special, and there’s definitely enough time to make one before those December holidays come around. Or, you can do what I did last year – give the blanket 3/4 of the way done, and finish it a month later!

This is also available without the step-by-step photo tutorial, if you are confident in your crochet skills.

Get more information on the Neutral Squares Blanket product page, or check it out on Ravelry:


And with this, I have emptied out the queue of half-finished patterns/tutorials waiting to be turned into eBooks. Next up? I have an idea for a loom-knit cowl…

Happy Crocheting, and thanks for your support!

P.S. Ever look at a word so many times that it suddenly looks wrong to you? I’ve been doing that all day with “neutral.” I’ve even googled it twice to make sure I wasn’t screwing up the spelling. Duh.


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