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More upgrades

Fullscreen capture 10272014 103417 AM.bmp

Last week I told you I did a long-time-coming redesign of the Download Shop. Well, I knew once that happened, it wouldn’t be long before I turned my attention to the Handmades Shop as well.

Just like before, I needed to get rid of the busy-ness, most notably the photographic header and the blog sidebar. Now that they are both gone, and I have made a few tweaks to the content of the page as well, I am much happier:

Polka Dot Cottage Handmades Shop

There were also numerous issues with the product pages themselves, which started out looking like this:

Fullscreen capture 10272014 112601 AM.bmp

And now look like this:

Fullscreen capture 10272014 121114 PM.bmp

I feel better now 🙂

You know, with all of this shop tweaking, I am feeling (very predictably, I might add) that the blog needs a little TLC, too. I have been thinking about removing one of the sidebars and getting rid of the advertising. Less than a year ago, I switched away from corporate advertising in favor of providing space for small family businesses. Unfortunately, I have gotten so few takers in that time, it seems like a silly idea to keep devoting significant sidebar real estate to it. That’s kind of a bummer for me. I was hoping to see some fun crafty businesses hanging out in that space. *sigh*

I’d like to transition the blog to a newer, more modern theme that encompasses all of the snazzy WordPress updates that have come along since I first installed this theme in 2007. I’ve made so many customizations to this old theme, that starting over is a big decision, and most likely a big undertaking as well. It may be worth it, though. It’s important to me that the blog render well on mobile devices, and right now that doesn’t work as well as it could.

Ah, but this post was not supposed to be about the blog. Go take a peek in the shop! I haven’t been open for custom orders in some time, but there are plenty of ready-made items that might like to go home with you!

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