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With eyes bigger than my stomach

You know that phrase, right? For when you fill your plate with so much great-looking food, but it’s waaaaay too much for your tummy to actually handle?

Is there an equivalent phrase for makers? I need something to say during those moments when I want to make this, and this, and that, and this, and that, and that, all before next Tuesday.

I am thinking about Christmas knitting, in particular, despite knowing better.

Dressing up little girls is fun

Here’s my wish list of things I would like to knit (and this doesn’t include completely impractical things that I already know will never happen no matter how much I want to do them – this is just things that I am actually deluded enough to think I have a chance of completing in a month and a half).

Everyday Cardigan

Do you see that? Four sweaters that aren’t even started yet, and three in progress! I am starting to wonder what in the world is the matter with me. For the record, here is the pullover pattern I am considering for the boys, and for my mother and mother-in-law, I would love to use my own Everyday Cardigan pattern and change it up as necessary.

So, yeah, eyes totally bigger than my stomach. Or whatever it is you would say for makers.

And, you know, this doesn’t even include things I might decide later to sew, or to make from polymer. I could use a good conk in the head.


I am probably going to end up striking the last four items from my list, and maybe replace them with socks. (I knit socks now, did you know?) Or maybe just replace them with something I don’t have to actually make with my own (over-scheduled) hands.

Am I the only one with a far-too-ambitious gift list? Share your delusions with me in the comments and make me feel better!

P.S. I’m really tempted to add “vest for my father” to that list, too.

P.P.S. What is the matter with me??


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Posted on 19 Comments

19 thoughts on “With eyes bigger than my stomach

  1. After the year I decided to make all four of my nephews plus my sister personalized quilts and was binding the last one on Christmas Eve, I have learned better. Now I tend to do small handmade things like Christmas ornaments. It is just too much stress for me.

    1. You seem to be more capable of learning from your mistakes than I am, LOL! It seems I have the same ridiculous appetite for making every single year!

      1. Oh, I always have ideas, but then I remind myself how much time I really have with the projects I’m doing for the site as well.

  2. I do the same thing most years! This year though I stuck by my self promise to not over burden myself with handmade gifts since my littlest guy is only six months old. But those adorable little cardigans of yours are making me wish I had something that cute going on my needles………

    1. Not to be an enabler or anything, but those little cardigans only take a couple of days… Mine are taking longer because I am doing several things at once, and I ran out of yarn a few times (the perils of knitting from stash). But when I concentrate on just one, I can finish it in a few nights in front of the TV. You know, just in case you’re not busy enough with a 6-month old 😉

  3. 5 more sweaters and 2 under progress?? wwoooaaahh, u need to give yourself a break there! i’m all for handmade gifts too, ever since i started knitting last year, i’ve been knitting, crocheting and sewing stuff for gifts to friends and family but i always take it easy.. ur great at what you do and i’m very inspired by your zeal and dedication but i’d rather you don’t fill up your plate too high.. any thghts on changing the sweater ideas to something easier? wldn’t want to miss out on your blog entries 🙁 and in case u still persist with your plans, best of luck…

    1. Not to worry. I know for a fact that I won’t actually be completing that list. I’ll pick one or two things on it that I really want to do, and replace the rest with something smaller. Or, something store-bought. I know my limitations 🙂

  4. hi again, glad to know you didn’t mind what i said earlier; will look forward to your blog for these gifts you’re making for your family!

    1. Nope, don’t mind at all 🙂

  5. go for socks. I have some great sock patterns if you want a few.

    1. Thanks. I actually have quite a few patterns myself. I’ve just never felt much of an urge to try any of them until now 🙂

  6. Oh do I know the feeling! Sitting in front of me is a cardigan for myself with the back almost done, a tiny glittery Christmas stocking half done, and a washcloth in Christmas colors half done. I have this grand scheme to give all my friends a washcloth for Christmas. Uh huh.

    1. It’s funny how we seem to think we have infinite time for these things 🙂 I get that feeling every time I visit Ravelry. Suddenly, I think I can knit at the speed of light or something!

  7. Haha!! I do the same thing. Every. Year. But I love it! your projects are so cute!

    1. Thanks 🙂 Luckily I know I can’t expect to do it all!

  8. […] I’ve got farmers market, thrift shop, yarn shop, quilt shop, and the Pop Shop on my list. And when I’m not out gallivanting, I plan to be finishing up those three little sweaters on the top of yesterday’s list. […]

  9. I don’t even go there..although your striped arm warmers are tempting me!

    1. Very smart of you. I could learn a thing or to by not going there 🙂

  10. […] few weeks ago, I ran out of yarn for all three of the baby sweaters I was working on (the perils of knitting from stash!) and I found myself without a project while I waited for a new […]

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