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My space

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We left for Ocean City, NJ on Thursday night, and returned home yesterday (Monday) evening. In between, we had the usual great time, which I would love to share with you, except I haven’t processed my photos yet. These are the ones I Instaflicked* this weekend, and if you follow me on any social media, you may have already seen them. I’ll be back later this week with a proper “What I Did on my Spring Vacation” essay. Suffice it to say, four days is never enough!

In other news:

Family Room with handmade and personal touches, from @lclarke522

I thought I’d point you to Wee Design Group. Wanda and I were in high school together (although, in true 21st century fashion, I think we’ve probably communicated more on Facebook than we ever did in person). When I saw her lovely Etsy shop, and the bird print she made in colors that were perfect (perfect, I tell you!) for my family room, I bought one on the spot. As you may remember, I’ve been paying some more attention (read: any attention at all)  to that room lately and handmade touches are a big part of that. I want the artwork to be personal in some way, whether it be posters from Neil’s magazine, photos I took, or prints from old high school acquaintances.

Wanda has just started a blog series where she features room makeovers from her readers, and my family room got to be Reader Space #1! Cool, eh? Check it out. And while you’re there, have a look around. Wanda has some other cool weekly features. I especially like the style boards she makes based on products in her Etsy shop.

* Instaflick = an instagram-esque way I’ve devised to share my square-format photos, using flickr as a base of operations instead of (or sometimes in addition to) instagram.


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Posted on 1 Comment

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