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Of sidebars and sheet swaps

I have been working on the site lately – not sure if you noticed. I haven’t made any earth-shattering changes, just mainly reorganizing sidebars and the like. In the process, I’ve learned what kinds of things visitors tend to click on, and what kinds of things just sit there getting dusty. Little by little, I’m making changes that take some of that new knowledge into account, and hopefully making this little corner of the web an inviting place to poke around and explore!

I know some of you would sooner eat broken glass than dig around in your blog’s HTML, but I just love this stuff! I could spend hours at this and be blissfully happy.

I feel as if I have been extraordinarily busy lately, but as I sit here poised to tell you all about it, I am at a loss to describe where the time has gone. There has been some visiting, a lot of crocheting, and entirely too much online shopping. It appears I am on a “fashion” kick. This is never a good thing for the wallet…

There is a box in the corner of my dining room that may help bring my online dress-shopping to an end. It is brimming with vintage sheets, some of which will one day become fun and funky skirts for me to twirl around in. Ooh! I am really looking forward to that day!

But first? Well, first, I have to get out my trusty Sheet Swap spreadsheet, update it to show who sent what, take note of the swappers’ preferences, and finally redistribute all of the lovelies! It really is going to be so much fun.

All I have to do is force myself to spend a few (or a lot of) boring minutes with my spreadsheet.  Maybe tonight…

PS. This is the one last set that showed up last week that I never showed you.  More tempting lovelies!


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Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Of sidebars and sheet swaps

  1. Perhaps this will give you a little inspiration. Ironically it was the very next thing I read in my RSS feed after this post.

  2. Yay! I can’t wait to get my sheets! Summer has finally struck Seattle, so skirt season is upon us. That third one down in the pile looks interesting….

  3. Ahhh wish I could be a part of a sheet swap! I haven’t found anything like it here in the UK! Beautiful stuff!

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