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In the city

I wouldn’t exactly call us country people. We live in a place I’ve seen classified as “outlying suburban” which basically means, “like the suburbs, but with more farms.”  Still, whatever it is we are, we’re pretty far from being city people.

My kids have a real sense of awe about cities, since we spend so little time in them.  Mostly, we admire them from afar, enjoying the occasional New York skyline when we’re on our way to some other destination.  Once in a very great while, though, we do find ourselves smack dab in the middle of an actual city.

It’s funny. We’ve taken this Boston trip in previous Februaries, but I don’t remember the view being of much interest to the kids before.  This time, though, it was the main pre-bedtime attraction.

I turned the lights out, they propped their pillows up next to the window, and sat there for an hour, pointing out to each other all of the activity…  Even at 9:00 and 10:00 at night, there’s something going on. It’s quite a departure from our peaceful neighborhood at home!

I’m glad for the entertainment value of a change of scenery. I’m glad the boys seem to be asleep now. And I’m glad Neil is off doing whatever it is he does at sci-fi conventions.  Coexisting with two kids in a single room for two days has it’s blessings and it’s challenges. While it’s been mostly pleasant, I’m feeling worn out from the challenging bits and could really use the ME time.

On the agenda for tomorrow? Granny squares, Gather Here, and home sweet home!

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  1. Really nice pix presentation. Enjoy your squares today!

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