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Changing of the guard

It takes me just about as long to take down Christmas as it does to put it up.  In other words, about a month.  I’m really so slow about the whole thing.  I do a room, and then I live with it a while.  Until I’m ready to do another room.  And then I enjoy that space a while… I’m in no rush about it.

I started switching out the Christmas this week in the kitchen.  I always start with the kitchen – it’s the easiest room in the house.

07 kitchen 01

07 kitchen 03

07 kitchen 02

All I have to do is swap out the linens: napkins, apron, and table mat.

Today, I also had to clean up the mess that had accumulated there, but, oh, it was so worth it.  The room looks 100 times brighter when there’s no clutter on the table top.

7/365 January 7

It makes me want to have company and serve them cookies.  So I did.

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