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A typical winter night finds us all together in the family room, doing our own things.  The boys usually work on their homework, and Neil and I do computer work (or play, as the case may be) on our laptops. Sometimes I knit or crochet instead.  I enjoy this cozy time together tremendously.


Tonight, being a weekend, there is no homework being done.  The fire has been lit, and the boys are playing Kirby together on the Wii.  This is a perfect time for me to get out the blog post I’ve had percolating all day.  Or so I’ve been thinking, until now.

You see, this Kirby game, for some reason, has got my kids all excited.  They are eager to share every little detail with me, and although I haven’t the slightest bit of interest whatsoever in this game, I have looked up every time they’ve said, “hey Mom, look at this” or “Mom, this is the cool part.”  I feel strongly that when we are all together like this, I shouldn’t be so fully engrossed in my own thing that they feel unimportant.  So I do my own thing, but I continue to remain available.

Tonight it’s not really working for me.  All of this Wii action is taking its toll on my ability to string together words into coherent thoughts.  These four simple paragraphs have taken half an hour to write.  I’ll be surprised if it’s not another thirty minutes still by the time I proofread the page and press “publish.”

I can barely remember what I even wanted to say here all day. It couldn’t have been that important, I suppose.  Something about blog housekeeping probably (new header, new avatar, blah blah blah).

Oh! I did want to tell you that I’ve put back an old feature I used to have (I’ve missed it): the list of top commentors and of links to the blog.  I really appreciate you being here, participating, and helping to build a sense of community.  I hope I can return the favor a small amount by sharing your links in my sidebar.

It’s the least I can do, really 🙂

Be sure to check it out – it’s at the bottom of the right sidebar.

Kirby is over now, and Eamonn is reading a Bad Kitty book aloud to me. I need to go give him my undivided attention. (Bad Kitty is far more interesting to me than Kirby, luckily.)

Have a lovely weekend!

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. he he… we have the same thing happen here often and we all have to take turns going over to each other and seeing how the game / online mischief / video / God knows what is going.

    1. The together time is nice, isn’t it? but not very conducive to clear thought 🙂

  2. I keep going back and forth about whether I should start a blog. I sure enjoy yours. :-). Especially the pics.

    1. Oh, you should! I really love it. I enjoy the community aspect of it, but even when it’s quiet in that regard, I love having a record of my days. I have to be more careful about what I share now that the boys are getting older and more embarassable, but I’m enjoying the challenge. Last night, before I could get their cooperation, I had to promise that nobody’s faces would be in any pictures before they let me anywhere near them with the camera, LOL! I try and make it more about me and my projects than I do about them, anyway. It’s a lot easier to get my own cooperation than it is to get theirs…

  3. Your blog bring back memories of when my son was younger and he would say ‘watch me’, ‘look at this’ and ‘Mom are you watching me?’ Great days spending time together, even if you are all doing different things. I love browing around blogs and picking up ideas. my new project is to make fabric flowers for the September Produce Show.
    Happy Week

    1. Fabric flowers – that’s one thing I haven’t done yet 🙂 I love picking up ideas around the blogosphere, too. There’s so much inspiration to be had!

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