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The joy? of coming home

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Monday Morning Coffee series to bring you this lazy post.  Morning Coffee will be back next week (with a twist!)  Today, you get pictures from my vacation.

Oh, stop groaning.  It was a one-day trip.  I’ve only got a handful of shots to share.  We stayed locally at an old, beautifully renovated inn (and it was free, thanks to my sister-in-law and her gift certificate winning & sharing ways).  Isn’t it pretty?

Night out

Night out

Night out

Night out

Night out

Night out

There are more images here, if you’d like to see them all.

Yesterday morning I awoke in this spacious, relaxing, light-filled room.  Ahhhhh:


Today?  Not so much. Aaaack:


I think it’s time to rent a dumpster.  Take me back to the inn!!

4 thoughts on “The joy? of coming home

  1. The inn looks nice, changes of scenery always make me want to “feather” my nest!!

    1. Me too. I just lack the follow-through…

  2. We just came home from a weekend away and our new bedroom furniture arrived. The furniture is great and big so now there is no more space to have random stuff in the master bedroom (post-war bungelow – the rooms are not that big).

    We’ll see how long that lasts.

    1. Finding space to accumulate clutter where no space existed before is a particular talent of mine 😀

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