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Wrapping up Picture Summer

So the Picture Summer class ended along with the month of July, and I managed to follow all of the prompts everyday, except for the last one.  We were supposed to print out the thirty pictures we’d taken all month and make a banner out of them.  I love the idea, but I spent all day Saturday either in the car or visiting friends in Maryland, so there was no time for printing.  Plus I’m low on colored ink…

I hope to complete that part of the assignment this week, because I have the perfect spot in the family room to put the banner.

So here are my last photos for Picture Summer:

Picture Summer Day 22 - Girl Put Your Records On

day 22 (my mp3 player)

Picture Summer Day 23 - Life is But a Dream

day 23 (a favorite way of mine to enjoy water in the summer)

Picture Summer Day 24 - Larger than Life

day 24 (my long shadow in the chaotic, pre-cleanup back yard)

Picture Summer Day 25 - The Magic Number

day 25 (a strawberry-lemonade smoothie triptych)

Picture Summer Day 26 - Silhouettes of Summer

day 26 (garden produce in silhouette)

Picture Summer Day 27 - Getting the Giggles

day 27 (my accomplice got some giggles out of those boys)

Picture Summer Day 28 - a spin on summer

day 28 (we were to spin the camera while taking the shot.  dizzymaking!)

Picture Summer Day 29 - Barefootin' + Self Portrait Thursday

day 29 (the ol’ nail polish needed some changing)

Picture Summer Day 30 - Endless Summer

day 30 (we walked out of the store at just the right time to capture a lovely sunset over the shopping center.)

I enjoyed Picture Summer.  It was a bright spot in an otherwise not-so-fabulous July.  Perhaps I’ll do Picture Fall as well, when it comes along (signups start this week).  I do love autumn so much!

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