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A lesson in perspective


Oh, look!  Jars of jam, cooling on a shelf next to the window.  That’s quaint.  When I see images like this, my mind fills in the missing details – a row of jars on a vast, otherwise-empty shelf in a brightly-lit, well-organized room… Let’s zoom out a little bit.

Strawberry Jam

Ah, yes, that’s what I’m talking about.  I bet there’s a big wooden table in the middle of that room, with nothing on it but a vase of fresh-cut wildflowers, and the cup of coffee the photographer was sipping before she got up to take the shot.  Shall we zoom out one more time?

Strawberry Jam amongst the clutter


My eyes!!

Go back! Go back!

Strawberry Jam

Whew.  I’m going to remain in the fantasy world of a well-framed photograph for a little while, I think.  Reality isn’t nearly as pretty!

P.S. If you’ve ever wondered why so many of my indoor shots are close-ups, well, now you have your answer 😀

Posted on 17 Comments

17 thoughts on “A lesson in perspective

  1. Love it, love it, love it! Oh so very true! *grin*

  2. Oh, deary me, have you BEEN to my house? Looks eerily like yours!
    Thanks for the Friday chuckle.

  3. Yep, that would be MY house!

  4. I think you’re taking photos from my the inside of my house.
    The jam looks oh so yummy! One of these days I’m going to try add make some.

  5. LOVE IT! Too funny. I see my house as that fantasy as well. Hmmmm, must be the creative in us?

  6. Amen, sister! I love the close ups for the very same reason. You are so brave! Good for you! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  7. Awesome-o! Some days we have to choose between our perfecting our craft or perfecting our home. You can’t always have both:)

  8. That was such a perfect post! It really made me laugh! So true, as well, here in my house too! Great you are actually able to admit it and show it! Not msny of us dare!

  9. I love this post.. it’s so true for me as well. I sometimes let myself get down that I’m not as put together as all of you wonderful bloggers I read. It’s nice to see that other people are like me sometimes!

  10. HILARIOUS! So hilarious! Love this. You’re funny!

    I want to thank you for something else as well. hat set of frog photos you got the other day really gave me the perfect finish guide for my puppet of a frog! It gave me chills when I saw it b/c the eyes of that frog in your photo were EXACTLY exactly exactly the way I’d made the frog’s eyes w/o ever seeing an image of a frog’s eye like it. It was as if your took a photo of my frog before he was ever made! (no photos up yet, but I’ll have to post a side by side when done!) Thanks, Lisa!

    1. How cool! Glad I could help 🙂 I think that frog’s eyes look almost like dichroic glass.

  11. Lisa, you made me spit my coffee out and choke. I had gotten so lulled into the spirit of the first two pics when the 3rd came out I laughed so hard I now have a mess! Thanks for a wonderful way to start the day!!

  12. Haaa! Thank you so much for that. Sometimes the perfection displayed in all these beautiful blog photos makes me nutty. Your reminder was right on!

  13. I’m glad you all enjoyed the state of my dining room so much 🙂 I try and remember that, when I’m reading blogs that feel so unattainably perfect – it’s all in how you frame it!

  14. hah! i love this! my photos are always on a table that I’ve shoved everything off of. fun.

  15. And see I figured this was just how the world worked… kind of like making sure the 3 rooms people go into are neat for guests.

    1. Well, it makes perfect sense when you relate it to the Real World like that 🙂

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