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Couch dents from the easily-distracted

I feel like this week has gone by in a whirlwind of super-busy-being.  And yet, I’ve spent enough time on the couch that I wouldn’t be surprised to find dents the shape of my rear-end in the cushion.  Weird week.

Every first full week of January, having just re-opened my two shops (Polka Dot Creations and Polka Dot Cottage, if you’re new here) there is always the mad dash to get 2+ weeks’ worth of orders processed, invoiced, and out the door.  I’ve been known to spend the entire month of January just trying to keep up!  Well, allow me to pat myself on the back for a moment, because as of about an hour ago, all of the in-stock orders from my vacation have been shipped.  Yippee!

It’s a wonder I got this far, though, I have to tell you.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but I am very easily-distracted.  (Well, duh!)  Ever wonder what attracts a mind like mine, when it should be stuffing DVDs into padded envelopes?

Ad space auctions.  As I mentioned a few days ago, I decided to offer a sponsor spot on the blog.  It uses an auction model, so I started the bidding off at $0/day (i.e. free).  Well, let me tell you, friends, for 48 hours I have been mesmerized, refreshing my screen to see the bids creep upwards.  Trust me, nobody is getting rich on this – the high bid as of this writing is ten cents per day, which should buy me a cup of fancy coffee in about a month and a half.  There’s just something so fun to me about watching the process.  At least, when it’s actually moving.  The same person has been high bidder since yesterday and I’m getting a little antsy for some action over there… C’mon, let’s see those bids roll in! Mama needs a Gingerbread Latte.  Hee hee.

As a testament to my need to see people duke it out virtually for a tiny piece of blog real estate, I added two more ad boxes.  Purely for my own entertainment.  Clearly I have an illness, but as long as the blog doesn’t look like one ridiculous billboard, and small crafty businesses like mine are getting a bit more exposure, who am I to argue with myself?

PolyPubs. I posted a new list last night, and ever since then I’ve been thinking about ways to improve the service.  PolyPubs started out as a simple yahoo group, but a few months ago, I gave it its own website, and added links to other shops where readers could buy the books and DVDs.  I’d like to add even more features, most of which I’m not ready to talk about, but boy, have I been thinking about them.  Entirely too much.

My sweater.  Still knitting it, still optimistic that it will look like a sweater when I’m done with it.  Wanting to drop everything else to work on it, so that I can get it far enough to try it on.  Resisting, but not for long.

Other work: I’m doing a little website consulting for a local company.  Mulling over solutions for problems and blah blah blah blah blah.

What I am not thinking about but should be is laundry, what’s for supper, and when are all of these Christmas decorations going to be put away.  Only so much space in this head right now.  Wouldn’t want to overload the circuits or anything with all of those houseworky thoughts.  >shudder<

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