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Dear Mother Nature


I would like to respectfully suggest a small change to the seasons in New Jersey.  You see, currently the leaves are gone from the trees by the end of October, the cold moves in, and we don’t see spring until at least Tax Day.  That’s six months of blech.  Cold blech, most of the time.  The lush greenery of summer flourishes from May to September.  That’s four months of beauty, farmers’ markets, and, let’s face it, near-pure bliss.

Now think for a moment, how wonderful it would be if the situation were reversed.  If, instead of dragging on until mid-April, winter quietly faded away sometime around the first week of February?  Sweater weather in February and October, and beautiful green summertime for the rest of the year – a good six months!  I feel warmer just thinking about it.

Honestly, ninety days of winter is plenty, to keep us all appreciative of the milder months, don’t you think?

Mull it over, if you will, Mother Nature, and let me know your thoughts.  I’m sure I could circulate a petition and garner a multitude of support for this suggestion, if you require such a thing.

Your humble earthling,

Posted on 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “Dear Mother Nature

  1. Dear Lisa:
    Thank you so much for the suggestions. However, I have already created that pattern of “short-winter-long-season-of-mild-weather”- but Oregon got dibs on it first. Sorry.
    Love, Mother Nature

    1. I don’t suppose they’d be up for a 60-year-long weather exchange? You know, just until I’m no longer here to care about it 🙂

  2. Lisa,
    You must move to TX if you’d like that kind of weather. This year I have sent them an extended sort of fall (the leaves are just finally blowing blusterily off of the trees) and once that’s over, it’s summer for 9 months. Of course, you might not like the heat….

    1. Take Linda’s word for it-she escaped the Montana cold, too! Miss ya Linda!
      .-= See Marty’s latest blog post: The Escape Artist =-.

    2. Hm, yes, that does sound nice, but the heat could get old, too.
      Got anywhere that’s lovely year-round, with maybe a month or so at each extreme – just long enough to make us appreciate the opposite?

  3. You totally need to move to Central California…LOL!!!

    That is exactly our weather. Leaves are not fully off the trees until Dec. Two weeks of freezing cold around the Christmas/New Year’s holidays. Then it warms up in January. My daffodils are starting to come up. We get one or two little cold blasts in Feb. But that is about it.

    Oh and Snow? What is that? Oh wait, that’s the white cold stuff… right? LOL!!!

    Sending you warm wishes!!!
    .-= See Susan @ pinkportugueseroses’s latest blog post: Birthday Goals =-.

    1. Aw, man, my resolve to be an East Coast Girl forever will start to melt, with talk like that!

  4. Oh, dear. . .hold tight to your knitting needles, more snow ‘acomin.

    1. Thank goodness there wasn’t much of it! It’ll be c-c-c-cold this weekend, though. Time to gather some firewood…

  5. Yep, I hear ya loud and clear. It’s not so much that I mind winter, but the length and the severe cold (as we speak it’s minus 14 here in Montana) are way out of line-kind of overkill. Even my kids are thinking of moving to Oregon. Does this mean we can move too? And can I talk my husband into giving up ice fishing?
    .-= See Marty’s latest blog post: The Escape Artist =-.

    1. I really do love NJ, and being so close to my roots, but I think if my whole family and my in-laws packed up and moved somewhere less cold, I would be right behind them.
      I think I am getting more wimpy about the extremes, the older I get. Since I’ve got a lot more aging left to do, this does not bode well for future winters and summers, LOL! (Especially winters, though)

  6. True and funny! My mom always complains about winter because nothing grows. When you look at for the perspective of only 4 months of good weather it does seem a bit bleak. I think we’ll see signs of spring before April here in Jersey but I am a bit farther South than you are. For myself, Fall is the best season by far and I love winter until Christmas is over… even though in reality, winter has just begun…

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