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Mornings and minutiae

It’s been ten and a half months since my first Project 365 ended. I took a picture of my feet every day for a year, if you recall. It was fun, but I was glad to see it end.  Now, after a nice break, I’m jumping back into the 365 ring with a new series: Mornings.  I know this has been done before, and quite well at that, but I so enjoyed the Month of Mornings I did throughout September, that it seemed a real no-brainer to me that this is what I would do for my next year-long project.

If I learned anything from my Month of Meals, though, it is that I don’t like being too strict with the photo requirements.  That month, I took thirty or so shots of my dinner plate, all from the same angle, and I got bored about halfway through.

“Mornings” seems like a broad enough theme to me, that boredom shouldn’t come too soon.  But if it does, I have no problem shaking things up and doing some afternoons or evenings.  For me, the important part of this project is not the theme so much as the daily-ness of it.

So welcome to Day One of 365.  I decided not to wait until January, because there is something so photogenic about October mornings, I think.  I feel so inspired.  I don’t imagine that dreary January mornings are going to be as appealing, and so I want to work up some momentum before I get there.

I’m really looking forward to this project, and I’m sure that those of you who are also Flickr friends of mine are relieved that I have chosen to subject you to something more appealing than my feet for the next year!

Two random things I wanted to mention:

  • A couple of you took me up on my napkin-making offer a few days ago, but I didn’t collect your email address and don’t know how to get in touch with you. (duh! my bad.)  Please, if you still would like a set of napkins, email me so I know who you are!
  • The latest Craft Hope project is up, and I can’t wait to get started – I love making lap quilts at this time of the year, and it will be fun to look through my stash to see what I can put together for a child in need.

I want to tell you to Have a Nice Weekend, because my brain wants to think it is Friday.  My poor, deluded brain.  How about we all just Have a Nice Thursday instead?


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Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Mornings and minutiae

  1. hi lisa! i forgot to tell you thanks for the napkin tutorial. i think they’ll make great gifts for the holidays! also, thanks for mentioning craft hope! xo

    1. My pleasure – on both counts! Enjoy napkin-making – I’ve been enjoying making my quilt top this weekend 🙂

  2. good for you! I couldn’t wait until January to start over either. I’m usually in the doldrums then and definitely need some momentum. 🙂

    1. January is just so gray and uninspiring…

  3. Just a note on the geekiness – the left column twitter recap has you replying to me on twitter about a tweet from earlier lol.

    I’m trying to work myself up to a picture (or more) a day habit too. I’d LIKE to make it something productive a day like the month long ‘thing-a-day’ in February but I may just go for a picture a day. Every. Single. Day.

    This ties into the fact that today is blog action day (on and the first blog article I read today about that had someone talking about how big and scary a subject climate change is and so he recommended picking something very small but to do it every. single. day.

    I’ll use an easy one for today: I work from home, no commute.

    (serious case of the babbles this morning)
    .-= See Elaine’s latest blog post: A Slice of Brrrr! =-.

    1. I thought about tying my photos into creativity, but I didn’t think I could hack the pressure to do something creative every day… I figure the photo itself is creative enough, LOL!

  4. My best friend Nina and I take a picture of every meal we eat at work during the work week. Sometimes we even eat the same thing without knowing it. Its been really fun and serves as a great reference if you are hungry and don’t know what to eat!

    1. That’s a great idea – I have to remember to go back and look at my meal photos next time I’m trying to plan a week’s worth of menus and drawing a blank (basically, that’s every week, LOL!)

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