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Four Things



It has rained here so much this summer, that dark lazy mornings have become the norm.  Rainy days bring out the loafer in me, so you can imagine how hard it has been to get anything useful done lately.  Luckily, when I loaf, I can still be productive, albeit in a way that may not have been completely necessary.

Case in point: PolyPubs.  PolyPubs is short for Polymer Clay Publications, and is a mailing list I began several years ago, in an attempt to publicize new books, dvds and such to the polymer clay community.  It was working just fine the way it was, doing it’s job for about 800 subscribers, but somehow yesterday I found myself registering a domain name and giving it a website.

I blame the rain.

Still, it is pretty cool, if I do say so myself, and I’d love for you to drop by and have a look.

There have always been unobtrusive links to my shop, so that you could buy the items on the list, if you like, but the main goal was to provide readers with enough information about a new title, that they could easily find it at their favorite bookshop.  That goal is still alive and kicking, but I’ve added to the online shopping options. Now in addition to my own Polka Dot Creations shop, PolyPubs has partnered with and Powell’s Books (and hopefully soon a fourth choice, once I get it set up).  There ought now to be enough buying options to suit most people, and the formatting is much improved for those who still like the idea of printing out the list and shopping locally.

I have further ideas for evolving PolyPubs, but they’ll have to wait for another rainy day in the somewhat distant future, I think.



Have I introduced Flufy to you yet?  Flufy is the moniker of my six-year-old, which he adopted sometime this year. When we started up his blog last month, we knew it would be the perfect title.  Flufy doesn’t do a whole lot of blogging just yet, but he has posted a few entries, and this weekend we began a project together that he’d love your help with.  If you have a camera and a car, drop by Flufy’s blog and see if you might like to help out with the License Plate Game!



I procured for myself this weekend, a pair of highly unnecessary, but totally fun reading glasses.  It’s too bad I don’t wear glasses when I read…


We have a winner in the Deliciously Dated Giveaway, chosen randomly by BOG and Flufy!  Congratulations to bzzzzgrrrl for her HOT STUFF memory.  I’ll have your goodies on their way to you shortly after I photocopy that one outfit I like. Heh.


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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Four Things

  1. You really have been busy!! excellent!

    Those glasses could almost make me wish that I needed reading glasses. Almost.
    .-= See Sarah Jackson’s latest blog post: Back home! =-.

  2. How awesome! I have red reading glasses too! I LOVE them. Granted, I only need them when I am super tired and doing hand sewing, but they are awesome nontheless. 🙂

    Love that your kiddos blog. Very cool indeed.
    .-= See JaimeM’s latest blog post: Shark Cupcakes =-.

  3. Woohoo! Don’t know how I missed seeing that I AM THE BIG WINNER!
    Many thanks to Flufy and BOG; I am a devoted follower of their blogs.
    .-= See bzzzzgrrrl’s latest blog post: The story of my new hot water heater, told in narrative and Facebook status updates (Part 1) =-.

  4. Be grateful you don’t have to wear reading glasses! they’re a pain!~and I can never find any of my like 5 pairs!
    .-= See Paula’s latest blog post: something a city girl doesn’t usually get to see… =-.

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