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Has it really come to this?

Instructions for the un-motivated

I thought that being self-employed meant never having to wake up to a note like this.  My boss is such a slave driver.  Don’t tell her, but I goofed off for a good 1/2-hour before I got down to business this morning.  Shhhh!


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Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Has it really come to this?

  1. Your boss and my boss are cut from similar cloth I believe. And right now, she’s no fun at all!

  2. Hey Lisa, I popped in just now for a catch up but no post. Are you still packing orders with no time to goof off?

    See what Emma has been blogging about: Trying a new clay

    1. Haha, no, things have just gotten a little nutty over here in the past few days! Thanks for checking up on me, though 🙂

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