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It’s all about you

Roses are red

Well, ok, maybe not all about you.  In fact, it’s probably mostly about me.  It is my blog, after all.  But, let’s face it: would I enjoy writing it so much if not for you? You who read every post, and take the time to comment and say hello so often?  I doubt it.

With that in mind, I’ve fiddled with my sidebar yet again (oh, yes, I change that poor sidebar as often as I change my clothes, it seems) and brought back an oldie but goodie.  Some of you are new around here, and some of you are not so new, but just can’t be bothered remembering the history of my sidebar widgets (to which I gasp in horror, by the way) so I’ll explain it for everyone’s benefit:

I’ve re-installed the Show Top Commentators plugin.  You can see the widget on my right sidebar, labeled “Visit these friends”, just after all of the images.  At the moment, I have it displaying the ten visitors that commented the most in the last month, but I may still change the criteria.

The important point is that we’re back to having a nice little spot to recognize the visitors who are so helpful in contributing to the community here.  I do so appreciate all of you, and I hope you’ll check out each others’ blogs on your way out!

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “It’s all about you

  1. I don’t mind it being all about *us* and not just me :p I can handle that.

    I think I need more widgets too… hmm. Geekiness here I come.

  2. Nice, Lis. And please do continue to tell us when you fiddle with stuff over here; I read in Google Reader and so wouldn’t know about changes if you didn’t tell us about them.

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  3. I remember when you had that gadget! Nice to see it back. Been following you for more than a year now. Love reading about you, your projects and your family. (Your kids are adorable!) Seems you and I live a pretty similar lifestyle… blogging, making stuff and hanging out at home. Nice to know I’m not the only one!

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