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Please pass the toothpicks

Kettle corn

I have a weakness. Alright, I have several weaknesses, but the one I am referring to right now is the one that had me driving several towns over to the opening day of my favorite farmers market, just to see if the kettle corn people were there. They were. And I ate the whole bag myself, save the few handfuls Aidan was able to grab before it was gone.

Kettle corn

When I say that my supper tonight was made up entirely of my farmers market purchases, it sounds impressive doesn’t it? And it is, until you realize that the only thing I bought today was a bag of kettle corn. (and breakfast? soda & movie popcorn at a free showing of Evan Almighty at 10:30 this morning) Ah, yes. I’m the picture of healthy eating today. Not to mention the picture of class: I’ve been picking popcorn out of my teeth and my cleavage (what? I have a problem with crunchy foods and scoopneck tees, ok?) for the past several hours. Classy.

Jam-making day

I tried to redeem myself with a frosty drink comprised of frozen strawberries and orange juice around 9:00 tonight, but by then my stomach was already refusing to speak to me. I’m sorry, Tummy. Tomorrow I promise not to subject you to so many delicious-but-empty calories, ok? How about some nice homemade blueberry pancakes? Strawberry muffins? Orange juice? A peanut butter & strawberry jam sandwich? Cup of mint tea? Please forgive me…



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Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “Please pass the toothpicks

  1. glad to know i’m not the only one with popcorn cleavage problems!

    1. Haha, me too! Glad you chimed in 🙂

  2. lol. I’m chiming in too. Sometimes I wonder if my cleavage isn’t a food magnet!

    1. Mine seems to attract Everything Bagel crumbs. That’s particularly unfortunate, because the last thing you want to discover in there on a summer night as you’re putting on your pajamas, is poppy seeds and onion flakes from lunch. Ew 😀

  3. That post made me laugh. I will too join your cleavage-club. I used to stick $$ in my bra and then at night, dollar bills or quarters would fall out. Supes classy!

    Oh and the Kettle Corn. Sometimes I eat so much my jaw hurts the next day.

    But once in a while you come across one of those really sugary/salty kernals (the “mother lode” we call them) and you’ve just gotta keep going.

    See what ella has been blogging about: [title of show]

    1. Ooooh, yes, those kernals that are loaded up with all the good stuff? Every time I eat one I think I should just stop there because anything else I ate after it would just be a disappointment. Still, my hand always reaches for more… It may be in my waistline’s best interest to not go to that farmers market every week 😀

  4. Hee hee, me too! I call it ‘The Shelf’ because so often bits of what I’m eating end up there…particularly popcorn, which I also have a weakness for.
    I’ve spent weekends (when my husband forgets to remind me to eat) surviving on nothing but Smartfood white cheddar popcorn, so you’re not alone there, either. =)

    1. I thought you were going to say that you’ve spent weekends surviving on nothing but what you found in your cleavage. That would have been scary – glad you didn’t go there 😀

      1. Nope – luckily it hits the shelf more often than the cleavage, depending on what I’m wearing. I could probably fit a snack in there, though! =)

  5. […] This week, when I wasn’t picking popcorn out of my bra, I was looking at a lot of aqua things. […]

  6. I’m so glad there are other foodsavers out there. BTW Kettle Corn ROCKS!

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