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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

New books

Or so they say. I got a few new books today. It turns out that three of the books on my Amazon wish list are published by a company that I deal with for my store. So when I re-ordered a few polymer clay titles last week, I also added these pretty little books, and paid for them with the birthday check from my parents. Thanks, Mom & Dad.

I haven’t flipped through these books at all yet, but I really really want to. In fact, maybe I can keep this post short enough that there will be five minutes before bed to at least look at some of the pictures. Let’s hope.

Now for that apple I mentioned… Aidan’s school library lets each student choose one of the older books to take home and keep every year at the end of the semester. This is what Aidan chose:

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

This book was written in 1971 (the year I was born) so I can only imagine how many children didn’t want to take it home with them year after year. But Aidan, who apparently likes the idea of getting his holiday craft on, thought this would be a fun book. (*sniffle* it makes a crafty mama proud.)  There are no photographs, just line drawings, but I could tell from my initial perusal that it is just bursting with cheesy projects that make heavy use of egg cartons and pipe cleaners. I predict a tacky 4th of July this year 😀

Thank you, by the way, for all of the advice regarding bedtime energy. I haven’t had time to reply, but I have read everyone’s ideas. We used to have a routine when the boys were younger, and it worked nicely, but we seem to have fallen out of it. I’ll have to work on building up a new one. And, what’s probably the hardest thing to swallow, but the most important to realize, I have to give up the notion that bedtime should be quick and easy on me. I have to be willing to invest at least 30 minutes in the routine, I think, and not just bark orders from behind my laptop (not that I actually do that. often.) I may go back to having a written bedtime checklist – they used to love that, and were pretty self-sufficient at it, too.

Ok. Bring on the pretty little books – I’ve got some pre-bedtime speed-reading to do!

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  1. yea, the barking doesn’t work for me either….hard habbit to break. love the books and have purused them at the store just a bit. lucky you 🙂

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