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Sunshine, taxes and billboards

One Object 365 Days: 101/365 04/10/08

It was a gorgeous day here yesterday – I threw a quick coat of nail polish on my toes to celebrate the return of flip-flop weather, and I put on a great Spring skirt. I bought this linen skirt at Target last year, only it was yellow at the time. Not really my color. So, I dyed it this lovely mottled green, which is definitely more “me” and which garners a lot of complements. Wearing it again is getting me in the mood to do some more tub dying. I still have some clothing blanks from last year that I never did anything with. Sounds like a great project for when the weather is more consistently warm (today it’s back to being about 10 degrees cooler).

So, I’ve got two things, basically, taking up my time today and yesterday: craft show prep, and taxes. Taxes, clearly the less enjoyable of the two, were my main focus for yesterday. I was up past midnight, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got all of the information I need now to get them done quickly. Whew.

Tonight is a vendor night in town, mostly consisting of those well-known home party kind of sellers (Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc.) but I am also going to be there with my jewelry and such. This is really the only kind of in-person selling I do, unless you count impromptu trunk shows in the preschool parking lot, when one of the other moms needs to do some gift shopping 😀 I have mixed results with these things, and it usually is just a matter of what the shoppers are expecting to find, I think. I did abysmally poor last year at the school PTO’s vendor night / basket auction combination because everyone was there for the auction. But the previous year when it was just a vendor night alone, I did really well. So, we’ll see. I’m exciting about trotting out my new silver stuff and seeing if everyone likes it as much as I do. I don’t always have my finger on the pulse of the buying public – sometimes I’m quite surprised at what sells and what doesn’t!

So, I have to spend some time today working out my display, and I also have to figure out what to wear. I always like to be a walking billboard, so wearing one of the new necklaces is a must. I think I’m leaning toward this skirt, a black scoopneck tee, and this pendant. Maybe even wear this apron over it – I wish the pocket was a better size for holding cash. Then it would be perfect.  I guess that’s something to remember the next time I’m in an apron-making mood!

Neil just IM-ed me about something, and ended the short conversation with “we now return you to your taxpaying duties.”  Awww, isn’t it so cute that he thinks I’m working right now? 😀

Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Sunshine, taxes and billboards

  1. You and me both… I should be checking inventory, tagging items, going through my list, maybe hanging a few more pendants on cordage.

    Instead I am reading blogs.

    1. it’s so hard to get boring things done when you can read about the cool things everybody else is doing 😉

  2. I should know better than assume >you< would be working. *sigh*

    1. Hey, now. I work. I just wasn’t working at that particular moment. Pfthththth!

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